The Lost Superfoods Reviews – A Detailed Report On Art Rude’s Guide For Food And Preservation!

If you are in search of a good and reliable The Lost Superfoods review to explore more about the product, then you have arrived at the right place. “The Lost Superfoods” was framed to bring forth the hidden quality ingredients and food components that can help sustain humanity for several decades.

The Lost Superfoods Reviews – An Ultimate Guide For Survival Food?

Many experts are intrigued by the preservation and cooking techniques that were implemented by the earlier generation of sailors, Vikings, soldiers, medical and missionary workers. It was the time when current chemicals and cooling techniques were just a myth. 

But, are those methods worth it? Why is it that the present generation sought to create the current preservation and cooking techniques based on nutrition if we could have just used the ones in the past? This book uncovers it all and this article takes on the duty of reviewing the book in-depth to cater to the requirements of the readers. 

Now let’s go into the details and discuss various important facts and figures relating to The Lost Superfoods reviews to help understand this product a bit further.

The Lost Superfoods Reviews
Product NameThe Lost Superfoods
Program TypeGuide
Guide BenefitsGives Information On The Calories In Superfoods.
Book Is Equally Useful For Both New And Experienced Cooks.
Assist In The Correction Of Preservation Errors.
Methods For Preparing Food For A Large Household At A Low Cost.
Behind The Guide Art Rude
ProsReduced Reliance On Technology And Electricity.
Increased Financial Control Over Food And Preservation.
The Book Is Available In Both Digital And Print Formats.
Colored Graphics Accompany Step-By-Step Directions.
ConsPerseverance Is Required.Availability (Only Through The Official Website).
Money-Back 60 Days From Purchase.
PriceDigital Product – $47.00
Physical Product – $47.00+ $8.99 Shipping 
Digital And Physical –  $47.00 + $8.99 Shipping (Best Value!)
Official WebsiteClick Here

What Is The Lost Superfoods?

The Lost Superfoods guide is a highly concise and information-rich book that concentrates on the 126 types of superfoods, preparation techniques, nutrition content, and preservation methods that can help them last longer without lowering their nutritional value.

The best part about this book is its versatility. It can be used by amateur cooks to professional chefs alike. Apart from the cooking techniques and recipes, the books help the reader to analyze the calories and the amount of nutrition provided by each of them. It can help understand the methods to store foods in extreme conditions as implemented by the US government and from World War II.

This book is beneficial to learn survival and prevent starvation in any conditions, basically helping the population to be self-sufficient and adaptive. And when we look at The Lost Superfoods reviews, a lot of them confirm this claim as well.

The Lost Superfoods

Who Is The Author Of The Lost Superfoods Guide?

The author of the book, “The Lost Superfoods”, is Art Rude, a former mathematics lecturer located in America. Being a family man, he aims to make Americans independent of relying on supermarkets and food distribution systems that are vulnerable.

These systems can topple over with the change in social situations and families will have no means of acquiring food and necessities. Art Rude wants to help society realize the age-old techniques that can help us become self-sufficient, which seems to have been forgotten. Therefore, this book has been authored with such essential knowledge in mind. 

What Is Included In The Lost Superfoods?

“The Lost Superfoods” consists of 126 foods that have been ignored or drifted away in time that have been termed as “survival foods”. The book’s use of colored pictures and a step-by-step approach makes it easy to follow, clear confusion, or find mistakes.

It includes food and its related storage techniques used in the time of Cold War, WW2, US military superfood (Doomsday Ration), foods with high shelf-life, and food that helped America from The Great Depression.

Many of the plant, animal-based diets are highly nutritious shelf-stable food and hence, such knowledge is also included in the book. It also constitutes recipes of emergency and storage forms of energy foods such as long-lasting bread made in the 1800s and food (that was usually discarded) components that saved a lot of lives during the Civil War. 

It does not end there. Art was efficient when it came to collecting information. He compiled such techniques for all types of food. The cheese preservation technique from the 14th century, probiotic recipes to enhance metabolic performances, coated meat, probiotic-rich fermented soup, aged fish, pocket soups, survival foods, and bread from the bark of a very common tree in America, are a few.

Fruit preservation techniques such as fruit leather, vegetable mixes such as marinara sauces, and preservation techniques specific to the type of meat are also provided in an understandable and comprehensive method.

How Does The Lost Superfoods Work?

The Lost Superfoods guide work by enlightening the minds of the population with methods and techniques handed down from forefathers but got lost along the way. Storing meat of any type requires a moisture-less space. If that is taken care of, voila! The meat can be stored for years.

Similarly, the collection not only includes techniques used by the ancestors in America but also of tribes and other societies that thrived well without industrial dependence. The book also elaborates on foods that helped people through the Black Plague, tribal foods that provide a good source of protein and promote immunity, preserved eggs, those of the Genghis Khan era, superfoods from Mongolia, Amish steaks, foods by mountaineers, and many more.

This book also provides food preservation techniques during pandemics, droughts, famines, and poverty. 

The Lost Superfoods Benefits

Times are changing and each day is becoming unpredictable in terms of the supply and demand of food items. The benefits of understanding the content of “The Lost Superfoods” are numerous. Some of them are listed below.

  • It provides knowledge on the calories related to superfoods and could be used to check the content of preserved foods as well.
  • The book is equally beneficial for new cooks as well as professionals.
  • It can help rectify mistakes related to food preparation and preservation.
  • It can provide new methods to prepare enough food for a huge family at a very low cost. Hence, one can learn to reduce the financial burden that occurs due to the food demands of the family.
  • These foods are not only nutritious and economical but also tasty to boot!

With food shortage and food security being compromised every second with adulterants and chemical preservatives, why not try these methods at home. The Lost Superfoods is home to 126 different superfoods, recipes, and preservation methods that could qualify one as a good cook and an attentive family person focusing on their health. 

The Lost Superfoods benefit


  • Useful for all individuals even those who are not well-versed with cooking.
  • Decreased dependency on technology or electricity.
  • Increased control on food and preservation finances.
  • Digital and hard copy versions of the book are available.
  • Step-by-step instructions are provided with colored pictures.
  • A 60-day cashback guarantee is provided.


  • Requires patience and persistence during cooking and preserving.
  • Can only purchase the book from the official website.

Is The Lost Superfoods Legit?

The book concentrates on helping the readers increase their stockpiles and help them attain independence, to an extent. This is achieved through the application of various methods to preserve and increase the shelf-life of food and decrease the need for replenishing the kitchen stockpile with expensive packaged foods from the supermarkets.

Many experts have tried to obtain the books and test the methods described in them. The author has provided a cashback guarantee of 60-days. So, the book can be tested for the given period.

Various bonuses that include knowledge on creating gardens and preservation chambers are provided on the official website. The product seems legit since the author is putting tremendous effort to make his readers self-sufficient.

The Lost Superfoods Customer Reviews And Complaints

All The Lost Superfoods reviews are positive. The customers are happy with the wisdom that has been compiled in the book. One other appealing factor of the book includes the importance given to family health and nutritional care. The calories counters are a bonus that the readers seem to like!

The Lost Superfoods Pricing And Availability

“The Lost Superfoods” is only available on the official website, and cannot be availed from e-commerce stores such as Amazon. 

The price ranges vary slightly with the digital and physical format. Purchasing both of them seems to be of the best value.

  • Digital Product – $47, no extra charges
  • Physical Product – $47 + $8.99 shipping and handling
  • Digital and Physical Product –  $47 + $8.99 shipping and handling (Best Value!)

Lost Superfoods Bonuses

The author has prepared two digital bonuses along with the purchase of “The Lost Superfoods”

  • An Underground Year-Round Greenhouse in the user’s Backyard: The bonus explains how to build a greenhouse at any time of the year, with different climatic conditions. The cost of the materials will be limited to $200 only.
  • Projects From 1900 That Will Help people in the Next Crisis: This bonus helps the customer to strap the house with efficient mechanisms enough to make the family self-sufficient. It includes smokehouses, medicinal gardens, cellars, wells, and water purification systems.
The Lost Superfoods Bonuses

Final Verdict On The Lost Superfoods Reviews

Any individual looking forward to helping themselves and their families to maintain their health and get the proper nutrition at the same time can refer to “The Lost Superfoods” by Art Rude.

As per The Lost Superfoods reviews, The book is beneficial for generations and contains information to lead a lifetime of good health, best dietary habits, and food preservation knowledge. It can be modified with the advent of technology as well.

The book does not burn a hole in the pocket of the customer. Furthermore, the author provides a 100% 60-day moneyback guarantee. Dedication to one’s own lifestyle and setting time apart for such a lifestyle can go a long way to developing an independent household.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can we buy “The Lost Superfoods” from eBay?

No. The book is only available on the official website.

  • Do we have to pay monthly to keep the digital subscription?

No. Only a one-time payment is necessary to access both digital and physical forms of the book.

  • What does the book contain apart from the 126 superfoods?

The book contains methods for food preservation along with techniques that can help the reader become self-sufficient.

  • What if these techniques do not work?

The author has offered a 60-day money-back guarantee if the processes do not work.

  • How can we assess the nutrient content of the recipes?

The book provides details concerning nutrients, calories, and other information about every preparation.

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