We are involved in a number of research projects. A good list of student projects (with links to presentation summaries) is Some lab projects are highlighted below.

Stress-less User Interface Design
10 Design heuristics for user interface designers to ensure they are not introducing stressors into their products. 

“Mail0” (Daily Inbox Zero – A calming email client)
A CTL research project for creating the world’s first calming email client that helps you monitor your email checking habits, reach 0 emails by the end of the day, ‘chunking’ your emails in small batches, and rewarding you for good behavior.

“Mobile Calm-ins” (Baby Steps to Calm)
Dr. Moraveji designed and launched a small calming mobile health service at Mobile Health 2012 at Stanford University.

Calming Technology Design Cards

Martin Five Poll
A SMS-based method of reducing student stress of stepping out of a lecture feeling like one has to remember all the content.  It txt’s you a prompt for a 5-word insight from the class, you vote on your peers’ insights, then it txt’s you back the winning result. 

A “personal peace firewall” that sits between you and the information demands of the world (via email, SMS, phone, and the like). Peacekeeper is in early stages.

Breakfast Buddies
Using Facebook to remove the stress of eating breakfast everyday. 

Peripheral Paced Respiration
A method of pacing people’s breathing while they work on their computer. 

A MMS-based means of socially motivating users to smile at each other through their cell phones. 

Morphine Drip
Helping athletes reduce the stress of long recovery times, not being able to play, and the physical pain by using pull- and push-based SMS calming mechanisms.

Daily Resolutions
Upon waking up, your phone prompts you with a “mad-lib” template that lets you set a positive intention for some part of your day (e.g. “Today, I’m looking forward to eating _____ with ____.”)

Augmented Self-Regulation
Dr. Moraveji’s Ph.D. Dissertation ushering in calming technologies into the field of human-computer interaction.