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Eagerly looking for an authentic Hair Revital X review? Then you have come across the right spot. Well, I guess I can help you to get everything you want to check about this newly ejected formula. 

I can assume that you are trying to find a solution to put an end to hair loss and conditions that threaten your hair health. In that case, it would be better not to fall for any fake promises, as it will only lead you to worsen the appearance of your hair.

However, the Hair Revital X hair regrows formula has been receiving positive customer reviews so far, and this made me go deep into the formula and sort out things related to it.

Hair Revital X Reviews – A Risk-Free Supplement That Enhances Hair Growth!

Ever since I started working as an expert long-term care pharmacist in prominent institutions, I have been interested in checking supplements and their reliability. Besides having years of experience as a critic who writes reviews on these supplements, I decided to conduct an in-depth analysis of Hair Revital X most recently. 

Hence, with this Hair Revital X review, you will be exploring its various aspects including its ingredients, benefits, manufacturing standards, side effects, customer reviews, and the like. So keep reading till the end to learn everything before taking any decision on purchasing the Hair Revital X hair growth formula.

Hair Revital X Reviews
Product NameHair Revital X
Manufacturing CompanyZenith Labs
CategoryHair Growth Supplement 
Health BenefitsHelps to promote hair growth and stops hair loss
SpecificationComes with both Capsules & Serum
Special IngredientSaw Palmetto, Biotin, Stinging Nettle Root Extract, and much more
Product FormCapsule and serum
Ideal DosageTake 2 Hair Revital X capsules every day1-2 sprays massaged into the scalp daily
Results Expectation 6 months
Side EffectsNo major side effects reported
Bottle Quantity60 capsules and 59 ml
MultipackAvailable in 1 bottle, 3 bottles, and 6 bottles
Money-back Guarantee Offered6 months
Official WebsiteClick Here

What is Hair Revital X?

Hair Revital X has a natural two-in-one formula of supplements designed to support natural hair regrowth. The Hair Revital system consists of both an encapsulated dietary supplement and a topical solution or a spray to apply externally on your scalp.

Made with a natural blend of clinically proven ingredients like Saw Palmetto extract, the formula promises to influence your hair growth circle positively. So that your follicles can regrow thick and healthy hair. It is said to be doctor-formulated and made to help people who struggle with hair issues despite their age or gender. 

Each of the supplements that come along with the Hair Revital System is made for a month’s use. Every bottle of the Hair Revital X dietary supplement is packed with 60 easy-to-swallow capsules. While the hair and scalp serum (or the topical spray solution) comes in a bottle of 2 FL. OZ. Both of these components of the supplement are manufactured in the USA, under precious GMP standards.  

Who is the manufacturer of Hair Revital X?

The manufacturer of Hair Revital X is Zenith Labs, an organization that created research-based natural and nutritional supplements to address various health-related issues. 

Hair Revital X Manufacturer

Hair Revital X Ingredients

Just like I mentioned earlier in this Hair Revital X review, it is a two-in-one hair support formula that includes a dietary capsule and a hair serum as well. So, to get into the details of the ingredients and the formula I have to explain both of them separately. So let’s have a closer look at each of them. 

Hair Revital X dietary supplement Ingredients

It is made around pure Saw Palmetto extract and 4 hair restoring ingredient blends. Each of them is scientifically proven for their benefits to positively influence hair growth. The manufacturers promise that these ingredients are included in precise amounts so that they can serve you their exact benefits. 

Take a look at a few of the ingredients with which its formula is composed of. 

  • Saw Palmetto: Saw Palmetto or Serenoa repens are often used to balance hormonal levels and combat hair loss. It can improve the overall health of your scalp and reduce inflammation. While it blocks 5-alpha-reductase, the enzyme responsible for hair loss as it converts testosterone into DHT. This way it promotes hair growth and stops hair loss.  

According to the findings of a double-blind, placebo-controlled trial published in, a set of botanically derived inhibitors of 5-alpha-reductase, including Saw Palmetto, was found effective to treat hair conditions like androgenetic alopecia. The results of this trial indicated a highly positive response to the treatment. 

  • Biotin: commonly known as vitamin B7, biotin stimulates keratin production in hair and increases the rate of follicle growth. It naturally stimulates your scalp to promote hair growth as it can nourish the hair follicles and prevent your hair from shedding. Besides, it promotes healthy nail growth too. 

A Review of the Use of Biotin for Hair Loss published by The National Center for Biotechnology Information could find that every individual enrolled in the trial showed a significant clinical improvement after receiving the right amount of biotin. In another Double-blind, Placebo-controlled Study titled Evaluating the Efficacy of an Oral Supplement in Women with Self-perceived Thinning Hair, and published in PubMed Central shows that a daily administration of proprietary nutritional supplements including biotin significantly increased hair growth after 90 and 180 days. 

  • Stinging Nettle Root Extract: this is a herb capable of combating hair loss, and helps to improve hair growth as well. Its root has anti-inflammatory properties that promote a healthy head of hair and blocks DHT. Since it is rich in silica and sulfur, it will minimize hair breakage and thinning while contributing to the regeneration of hair follicles. 

A scientific article titled Urtica spp.: Ordinary Plants With Extraordinary Properties, cited by PMC and published in PubMed Central, states a number of studies conducted on the health benefits of Nettles. This research article concluded that Nettles( Urtica) is packed with a set of antioxidants, and has antimicrobial and pro-health properties, despite it causing a stinging reaction on the human skin. It further states that infusions of nettles can be used for several ailments and conditions like hair loss. 

Hair Revital X Ingredients

Hair Revital X Hair & Scalp Serum Ingredients

The serum included in the Hair Revital X System is a mixture of an immense array of ingredients. All of them have scientifically proven properties and are known for their benefits. This proprietary blend promises to give proper nourishment to your scalp and hair roots, hence enhancing your hair health. 

Here are some of the ingredients used in the formulation of the Hair Revital X hair serum.  

  • Panax Ginseng: this ancient herb is known and used for centuries for its multiple benefits. It exhibits therapeutic potential for hair growth and significantly reduces hair loss by preventing the apoptosis of dermal follicle papilla cells. This results in strengthening the hair follicles and the roots to encourage the new growth of the strands as well as preventing hair thinning and breakage.

 In a scientific review titled Hair-Growth Potential of Ginseng and Its Major Metabolites: A Review on Its Molecular Mechanisms,  Panax ginseng is referred to as a multipurpose natural medicine with a long history of medical application throughout the world. Which has been shown to regulate the expression and activity of major proteins involved in hair cycling phases. Besides, the promotion of hair growth and the reduction of hair loss by ginseng are linked with the induction of anagen and the delaying of catagen phases. So, using the index component of red ginseng would be a plausible approach to developing hair growth-stimulating formulations. 

  • Ginkgo Biloba: using Ginkgo biloba is a natural way to ignite your hair follicles. With its regular application on your scalp, it will help to increase blood circulation throughout the scalp to accelerate hair growth. It can induce many benefits to your hair to support its regrowth like improving the condition of the scalp, reducing anxiety and stress that leads to hair loss, and maintaining healthy circulation.  

A convergence study on the properties of hair coated with Ginkgo biloba extract published in the Journal of the Korea Convergence Society suggests that the hairs coated with Ginkgo Biloba extract showed an overall increase in intrinsic properties like tensile strength. Hence, the study concluded Ginkgo Biloba as a useful material for hair cosmetics and medicines as well. 

  • Hydrolyzed Keratin: it can increase cysteine content to increase tensile strength and minimize damage. Other benefits of hydrolyzed keratin include giving volume to your hair, strengthening it, and restoring luster. When it is used topically on the hair, it helps to fill the gaps throughout the hair shaft, especially in the three layers of cuticle, cortex, and medulla. This would result in giving your hair a strength boost. 

In Safety Assessment of Keratin and Keratin-Derived Ingredients, as Used in Cosmetics,  a 2016 cosmetic ingredient review conducted by an expert panel of members suggested that keratin-derived ingredients like Hydrolyzed keratin function mainly as a skiing and hair conditioning agent in personal care products. Several other studies have confirmed that hydrolyzed keratin peptides can penetrate the skin and increase moisturization. 

Hair Revital X Hair & Scalp Serum Ingredients

How does Hair Revital X work?

According to the official website, the Hair Revital X System works with scientifically backed ingredients on balancing DHT and stimulating hair growth. With both of these formulas, the Hair Revital X System promises to give you the benefits of Saw Palmetto in addition to the 4 ingredient blends. 

Now, let’s see how these four blends can help you to restore the strength and volume of your hair.

#1 The anti-genetics blend:

The oral Hair Revital X supplement contains an anti-genetic blend of Nettle Leaf Extract, Pygeum Bark Extract, and L-Methionine. Whereas in the topical spray, the same functions are done by a blend of Rosemary Extract and Carthamus Thistle Extract. 

These blends are included in the formulas to contract your genetic short straw if there is any genetic cause for your body to produce too much DHT. This blend can help to give an extra boost in reducing DHT, and freeing follicles.

#2 The Regrowth Extender Blend: 

The Regrowth Extender Blend in the capsules includes Vitamin A Palmitate, Phytosterols, Pantothenic Acid (vitamin B5), and zinc. While in the topical spray, you can find Apigenin, and Centella ( Asian pennywort).

These two blends included scientifically tested ingredients shown to support the follicles to enhance hair regrowth. They kick your hair growth cycle back and help your hair follicles to enhance the regrowth phase rather than shedding hair. 

#3 The Healthy Hair Blend

Within the oral formula, the healthy hair blend is composed of ingredients like L-Cysteine, Pyridoxal 5 Phosphate (Vitamin B6), Folic Acid, and Biotin. In the same way, Biotinoyl Tripeptide 1 and Panax Ginseng are included in the topical spray. 

These ingredients are scientifically shown to nourish thick shimmering hair so that you can avoid stringy, brindled, and greyed regrowth of the hair. 

#4 The Deep Absorption Blend

This blend is only present in the topical spray and includes 3 ingredients to aid absorption: Butylene Glycol (a compound from fruit & vegetable sugars), Lecithin (a thickener found in egg yolks), and Capsaicin (a nerve stimulator found in red peppers).

It is to help every ingredient in the whole Hair Recviral X system to smoothly dive down into the scalp and follicles to stimulate hair regrowth. 

Benefits of Hair Revital X

It is not so easy to determine the benefits of any supplement without using them at least once in life. Besides, this is how you can determine if a particular supplement really works to bring expected results within a recommended period. But, how can someone risk their life and health without any assurance?

So, I gathered important details of each ingredient as you can see in the previous sections. Besides, I conducted meetings with real Hair Revital X customers to see if they could achieve the results which were promised by the manufacturer. 

In light of all these, I set down a few expected Hair Revital X benefits as follows.

  • Natural hair regrowth: The Hair Revital X hair formula is composed of a variety of natural ingredients that are scientifically tested for their properties to support hair follicles and enhance hair regrowth. 
  • Optimal DHT levels: in most cases, excess DHT is the reason behind hair fall. The Hair Revital X hair growth formula promises to support a balanced level of this so-called hair loss hormone. 
  • Reduced hair loss: since both of these formulas include nutrients that help to strengthen the hair roots and follicles, you can expect to have a significant reduction of hair loss with regular use of the supplement.
  • Enhanced strength and health of the hair: as the supplement promises to give better nourishment and nutritional support to your hair and the follicles, it may gradually improve the strength and health of the hair. 
  • Increased hair volume: when there is an accelerated regrowth of the hair, and less hair loss, it will help to add your hair volume. 

Hair Revital X Side effects

Just like you need to have a clear-cut idea about the expected benefits of any supplement, it is essential to ensure that it will not bring any adverse results with regular use. In the case of Hair Revital X also, you don’t have to risk your health and use it without getting any assurance. 

Honestly, I didn’t have any idea about Hair Revital X until I started my research on it. So, I had to begin with every aspect of the formula and collect details from its customers to prepare this Hair Revital X review. 

As per the details I have collected regarding the supplement and its formula, I have to say, Hair Revital X is not likely to bring any side effects with its everyday use. First of all, the formulation of the supplement convinced me regarding its safety, as it is natural, non-GMO, and no allergens or additives are used while preparing it. Besides, the customers who have used it up to the recommended time also said they didn’t experience any adverse effects as well. 

However, exceeding the recommended dose of the supplement or taking it with certain medications can result in adverse reactions. Besides, for pregnant and nursing women, it will be ideal to start using the Hair Revital X after they are physically prepared to use it. 

Hair Revital X Dosage and How to use it?

If you have grasped it correctly, the Hair Revital X System is a combination of an oral supplement and a hair serum to enhance hair regrowth. 

For the case of the oral supplement, it will be ideal to take 2 Hair Revital X capsules every day. Since they are easy to swallow, you just need to take them with a glass of water every morning. 

Since the topical solution that comes along with Hair Reviatal is packed in a spray bottle, you can simply spray a thin layer of it on your scalp. 

Hair Revital X Dosage

How long will it take to see Hair Revital X Results?

The attempts to calculate a specific time for Hair Revital X hair growth formula to bring results would be futile because each individual has their bodily differences. Hence, there will not be a uniform time for everyone to get the results of the supplements, within a particular period. It was the reason for me to consult the customers once again and seek details to estimate an average time to be taken by the supplement to bring results.

Besides, I have gone through study reports on the formula as well as each of the ingredients and their peculiarities. 

So, my research to estimate the time required for the formula to give results suggests, on average you need to take the supplement for 6 months to see its maximum results. But a significant number of customers have seen results within a month or two.

Even though, it would be ideal to use it up to the recommended time of 6 months to get maximum longevity of the results.

Hair Revital X Result

How long do Hair Revital X Results stay? 

Another challenge I faced while reviewing the supplement was determining the longevity of its results. But, almost all of the customers uniformly stated the more they took the supplement, the longer its results stayed with them.

However, as per clinical research, with consistent use of the supplement up to the recommended time of 6 months, the enrolled group of people could enjoy the results of the supplement for a significant period.

The research also suggested there is a notable increase in the longevity of the results with adaptations of healthy dietary and lifestyle changes.  

Is Hair Revital X legit or not?

While analyzing every report I have prepared about the supplement, I noticed a few details that spread light on the legitimacy of the supplement. To begin with, it was the authenticity of the manufacturer which caught my attention at a first glance.

The manufacturer of the formula, Zenith Labs, has created it based on scientific research carried out on the potential of its respective ingredients. Besides, both of the two supplements included in the Hair Revital X system are GMP-certified, manufactured in the USA, and tested at a cGMP-certified facility as well. 

Additionally, the customers who have followed the correct dosage of the supplement for the recommended time testified that the Hair Revital X System has worked for them to bring desirable changes.

Apart from that, the manufacturer seems to be so confident about its efficacy to offer a 100% money-back guarantee for 6 months. This means in case you didn’t see any results with the supplement after sticking with the suggested way to use it, you can simply have a refund by approaching the support team. 

Hair Revital X Customer Reviews and Complaints

With my inspection of Hair Revital X customer reviews, I have seen both positive and negative remarks. But you cannot determine whether they are fake or genuine at a first glance. Since I am quite familiar with both genuine and fake customer reviews, it was not that hard for me to sort out those.  

To make it clear, whether it is given on the official website or some other sources, not all Hair Revital X customer reviews can be genuine. Besides, as I mentioned before, everyone can’t see the same results to give you unique Hair Revital X reviews.

So, based on the authentic customer reviews, a vast majority of the users are satisfied with the results and have given quite positive reviews too. Of course, the rest of the others were seemingly negative, but no major complaints have been noticed yet from the negative reviews. In fact, most of the complaints I have seen were given by those who expected a bit quicker results. 

Hair Revital X Customer Reviews

Hair Revital X Price and availability

As per it is given on the official website, the Hair Revital X System is available in 3 different packages. 

  • 30-day supply: buy 1 bottle oral supplement + 1 bottle topical spray at $59 (one-time purchase) + Free U.S Shipping Or buy 1 bottle oral supplement + 1 bottle topical spray at $53.10 (with a monthly subscription and 10% more discount) + free U.S shipping
  • 90-day supply: buy 3 bottles oral supplement + 3 bottles topical spray at $135.00 ($45 / bottle) + Free U.S Shipping (one-time purchase)Or buy 3 bottles oral supplement + 3 bottles topical spray at $121.50 ($40.50/bottle)+ Free U.S Shipping (with a monthly subscription and 10% more discount)
  • 180 day supply: buy 6 bottles oral supplement + 6 bottles topical spray at $234.00 ($39 / bottle) + Free U.S Shipping (one-time purchase)

Or buy 6 bottles oral supplement + 6 bottles topical spray at $210.60 ($35.10 / bottle)+ Free U.S Shipping (with a monthly subscription and 10% more discount)

As you can see, among these three available options, the 6-bottle plan seems to be the best choice, because you can get the maximum discount with it. This plan would also be appropriate for a 6-month use of the supplement, which is exactly the recommended period to take the supplement to see maximum results. However, you can choose any of the plans as per your preference.

Besides, no matter whichever is your choice, every purchase made on Hair Revital X will be secured with a 6-month money-back guarantee. This means you will get a full refund of the money you spent on the supplement within 180 days if you are not satisfied with the results. 

Where To Buy Hair Revital X?

To buy Hair Revital X online, you have to visit its official page, because it is where the supplement is exclusively available. This means, you can’t find it in any offline stores or retail pharmacies or even in Amazon or Walmart presently for security reasons.

But at the same time, fake replications of Hair Revital X can be seen anywhere with the same labels and name. So, it will be safe to buy the supplement only from the official website, and in order to avoid any troubles with such sources, I have given a link below which will lead you to the correct page. 

Final Verdict on Hair Revital X Reviews

To a great degree, Hair Revital X looks like a genuine hair restoration system as it is natural and manufactured by Zenithlabs. There are thousands of its customers who could experience positive results with a regular intake of the supplement. Besides, all the conclusions I made after my research also indicate it is capable of bringing significant improvement in hair health. 

As mentioned in the Hair Revital X review it is a composition of ingredients like Saw Palmetto, biotin, L-Methionine, and vitamin A. These all ingredients are clinically proven and known for their benefits, especially those which are favorable to enhancing hair health. Since the formula is said to be clean of any allergens, additives, or other harmful ingredients, it can be safe for long-term use and not likely to bring any side effects. 

As Hair Revital X is also clubbed with a 6-month money-back guarantee, it would be totally risk-free to give it a try. With this, you can retrieve every penny you have spent on the supplement if it couldn’t bring you any expected results after taking it up to the recommended time. 

Frequently asked questions

  • Do I need to massage my scalp after applying the Hair Revital Topical Spray on it?

To use the topical serum, you just need to spray a fine layer of it on your scalp. Once you apply it, keep it as it is and don’t have to massage the scalp. 

  • What if I didn’t get any results?

Hair Revital X is not likely to disappoint you with no results. But, just in case it didn’t bring any results, you can have a 100% money-back guarantee within 6 months. 

  • Is it compulsory for me to follow a healthy diet while using it?

You can follow healthy dietary changes while using Hair Revital X every day, as it will help you achieve results faster and enhance the longevity of results. But, it is not compulsory. 

  • Can it be used by children under 18 years?

No. Hair Revital X is made for people who are above the age of 18.

  • Do I require a prescription to try Hair Revital X?

No. Hair Revital X is a doctor-formulated supplement, and you don’t need to have a prescription to buy or try it. 

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