d.compress: Designing Calm (the Calmingtech course) will be taught Winter quarter 2013 at the Stanford (listed in both EDUC and CS departments).

ED328X/CS377D – d.compress—Designing Calm. Stress silently but steadily damages physical and emotional well-being, relationships, productivity, and our ability to learn and remember. This highly experiential and project-oriented class will focus on designing interactive technologies to enable calm states of cognition, emotion, and physiology for better health, learning, creativity and productivity.

The course has been taught 4 times so far:

  • Winter 2013 at the Stanford (current)
  • Fall 2012 at the University of Trento (Italy)
  • Spring 2012 at the Stanford
  • Spring 2011 with BJ Fogg, director of the Stanford Persuasive Tech Lab (syllabus).

Winter 2013 at the Stanford


Mo’ Commitments, Mo’ Problems: The Stressful Inbox of a Student-Athlete

Alessandra Gomez-Cuetara, Justine Fedronic, Tyler Crimm 


Botao Hu, Attila Mong, Megha Makam 

Click Trip

Kevin Mori, Ian Macartney, Chris Burniske, Cassidy Saenz 

ActionMail: Using Email Gestures to Elicit Emotion

Gary Lee, Cecilia Wu, Huisi Li  

Run it By A Friend: Why Lose Sleep over that Important Email?

Gail McNulty, Katie Chabolla, Robert Lee 

Email Break: Nicotine for Email Distraction

Hsiaolin Hsieh, Maria Molfino, Tony Jin

GmailGarden: Improving Mood Without Changing Behavior

Roxana Gharegozlou, Luke Dahl, Kamakshi Duvvuru

Feel good about learning new email tools: Improving Efficacy for Non-Techy People

Keryn Breiterman-Loader, Travis Kiefer, Sharon Tan

Starred Email to Calendar Events: Easy triage now to avoid stress later

Jasper Sherman-Presser, Reeta Banerjee, Borui Wang



Keryn Breiterman-Loader, Gail McNulty, Travis Kiefer, Chris Burniske

Happy Surprises

Gary Lee, Sharon Tan, Reeta Banerjee


Kevin Mori, Justine Fedronic, Robert Lee

TheFam App

Alessandra Gomez-Cuetara, Tyler Crimm, Roxana Gharegozlou


Borui Wang, Cecilia Wu, Tony Jin, Huisi Li


Katie Chabolla


Ian Macartney, Megha Makam, Botao Hu


Kamakshi Duvvuru, Hsiaolin Hsieh, Attila Mong


Jasper Sherman-Presser, Maria Molfino, Luke Dahl, Cassidy Saenz

Spring 2012 at the Stanford

Jonathan Noguchi: Reciprocalm

Rob Semmens: Calming Commute

Reno Bowen: Sleepify

Meghbartma Gautam: Web Up

Daniela Steinsapir: Grandma’s Trunk

Stephanie Hilliard: Breath of Calm

Mike McGhie: HappyList

Cindy Chang: colorMe

Elizabeth Hinckley: Fairfox

Christine Rosakranse: Co.Create

Sunita Mohanty: Snuggle

Adam Sheppard and Kevin Tezlaf: Hugs

Takehiro Hagiwara: Calm4Mom

Hanif J

Fall 2012 at the University of Trento (Italy)

Dhaval Gandhi: Spell it Right

Jorge Saldivar: Reminder Context (REC)

Cristhian Parra: Reminiscens

Christos Perentis: Fight Fear

Galena K: Mindful Eating App

Miniukovich Aliaksei: inSpire 

Iman Khaghanifar: Happy Sport

Ivan Tankoyeu: Don’t Worry Mom

Orkan Bayer: Blind Scale

Julia Wache: Take it Easy

Roman Chirikov: Work & Walk

Pavel Kucherbaev: What I’ve Done

Teresa Macchia: MoCa Tech

Michele Bianchi: Euphrosyne

Firoj Alam: Group Study

Arindam Ghosh: Reconnect

E. Javer Paniagua: Chillapix

Margarita Lyukmanova: imFINE

Beatrice Valeri: Come Along