Best Meditation Balls You Can Find Online

Meditation balls have been a part of Chinese tradition for centuries, and they are widely known for promoting focus and relaxation of pressure points in your hands.

They host a bunch of other benefits for your body and mind as well, so we’ve decided here to review and explore more about them, their history, how to use them, and where you can get them.

We’ve also listed some of the best meditation balls you can find online, do check them out if you are interested.

Best Meditation Balls – What are they?

Meditation balls, or Baoding balls, or Chinese Medicine balls, are a set of (usually 2) metal and ceramic balls that are used for their therapeutic benefits, and also as a part of traditional Chinese meditation sessions.

They are usually made of metals like steel, with a ceramic or plastic coating on the outside, and they produce a small and pleasant ringing or chiming sound when they are moved. 

They come in different sizes for adults and kids, and usually, the bigger sizes demand more skill and familiarity with using these balls.

Generally, they are very easy to handle, and you can practice using 3 or 4 balls, once you are comfortable with using 2.

Origin and history of Meditation balls

Meditation Balls are also commonly known as Baoding balls, named after the city Baoding, which belongs to the central Hebei province in China. 

They were first created in the city of Baoding during the Ming dynasty, which began in the year 1368.

Before Baoding balls, soldiers and the general public exercised their hands by rolling walnuts around. 

They were originally made of iron and used by soldiers as small projectile weapons.

As metalworking advanced, the “iron balls” became more popular, and now they are made from many materials like solid jade, agate, marble, and other types of stones.

What are the benefits of using Meditation balls?

Meditation balls can provide several benefits to your body and mind with regular use. These include:

✔️ Stress and anxiety relief: A lot of people use meditation balls as stress-busters during work, or at home. It helps to stimulate a calm environment and shed away your anxiety.

✔️ Enhances blood circulation: The surface of these balls often contains small bumps designed to stimulate your skin and enhance your blood circulation.

✔️ Relaxes joints and muscles: Meditation balls help to relax your arm muscles and joints by stimulating various parts of your hands.

✔️ Improves dexterity: With regular use of meditation balls, your hands improve their dexterity and they are often helpful in physical therapy after an injury or surgery.

✔️ Improves memory: Prolonged use of meditation balls can even improve your memory and sharpen intelligence, according to many people.

✔️ Improves focus: As meditation balls are used as a form of mediation practice, it induces your focus and attention and thereby trains your mind to avoid distractions.

✔️ Enhances quality of sleep: A lot of people claim a more relaxed and enhanced sleep quality after using meditation balls before going to bed.

How to use them?

You need to have a good pair of Meditation balls that matches your size and fits your hand comfortably. If you have small hands, go for the 35-40 mm-sized balls, or a pair of 40-50 sized ones if your hands are bigger. You can start with smaller sizes and get bigger ones (70-100 mm) as you get better.

Ideally, one ball should balance comfortably between your ring finger and little finger while holding the other with the remaining fingers and thumb. 

  • Start by trying the simple motion – Push on both balls simultaneously to switch their position, so the ball nearest the pinkie moves up and over, and the other ball is pushed down and along the palm by the thumb, in a clockwise motion. 
  • Spend some time getting familiar with the weight of the balls and the sensations against your palm.
  • The motion may not be smooth and elegant at first, and you may drop the balls from time to time. You will get better with practice.
  • As the rotation becomes smoother, you can try to increase the challenge by changing the direction to anti-clockwise.
  • Try to maintain space between the balls throughout the rotation so they no longer clink together. This requires greater concentration, strength, and a deeper stretch across your hand. 
  • Once you are comfortable with this, you can go for bigger or heavier balls. Or simply go faster without losing the fluidity smoothness of rotation. 
  • You can get another pair and practice with both hands simultaneously.

Some people can handle 3 or 4 balls at a time, but this will take time and dedication to master.

You can accommodate meditation balls into your routine meditation sessions, or simply use them intermittently throughout the day, or before going to bed to improve your quality of sleep.

Some people use them as stress-busters in their workplace. Because they are extremely portable, you can take them along with you wherever.

Best Meditation balls you can find online

1. Coolrunner 2” Marble Dark Grey Baoding Balls

These meditation balls are made with beautiful corundum marble, so they won’t rust, tarnish or corrode. The marbles are smoothly cut according to the traditional cutting process, and they are seamless to touch so they glide among your fingers.

They are 2-inch sized (5 cm), and they are good for adults and children alike. 

The balls weigh 330g in total, and they come in dark grey color, inside a cotton drawstring pouch.

Coolrunner 2'' Marble Dark Grey Baoding Balls Chinese

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2. 2” Dark Grey Marble Baoding Balls from Brass Statu

These meditation balls are also made from processed marble and they have a size of 2-inches.

It comes in dark grey color with a seamless and smooth texture, and they weigh 380g in total.

These meditation balls come packaged inside a beautiful ornate-designed box, and they are great for gifting as well.

The color of the bag that these balls come in may be random, and also the color of the ball and pattern may vary as it is made from natural stone.

2'' Dark Grey Marble Baoding Health Stress Exercise Balls Chinese Exercise

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3. Top Chi 1 lb. 1.5 Inch Solid Stainless Steel Baoding Balls

This is a stainless-steel variant of meditation ball, that is free from rusting, tarnishing, or corroding in any way. They are extremely durable, so you don’t have to worry about chipping or breaking them that easily.

They are 1.5-inch balls (3.8 cm), weighing around 450g in total, and silver-colored.

They come in a zip-lock pouch and they are great for your hands, fingers, wrist, and overall dexterity.

Top Chi 1 lb. 1.5 Inch Solid Stainless Steel Baoding Balls

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4. Baoding Fitness Ball from QZsteelball

These meditation balls are made from chrome steel, but the most attractive feature is their matt black colored look and smooth texture.

They are extremely durable, and with the spherical oxidation treatment, it won’t tarnish and has good abrasion resistance.

They come in the size of 1.57-inch (4 cm) in height and weighs about 500 grams together.

They come packed in a cube zipper pouch, ideal for traveling.

Solid Steel Health Exercise Massage

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5. Artificial Tiger Eye Crystal Baoding Balls from THY COLLECTIBLES

These are some of the most beautiful meditation balls on this list. It is made with artificial tiger’s eye gemstone quartz and has a smooth polished surface.

They come in a variety of colors as well, including – green, orange, violet, rainbow, and yellow. 

It has a glass material build, so they are slightly on the fragile side.

They are 1.75-inches in diameter (4.5 cm) and they weigh 317g (11.2 ounces) in total.

Artificial Tiger Eye Crystal Gemstone Quartz Chinese Health Stress Exercise

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6. Asian Home Red Corundum Chinese Meditation balls

These are a great pair of meditation balls if you are looking for a marble build. They are made with beautiful red corundum marble stone, and they come packed inside an ornate fabric box.

Each ball has an approximate diameter of about 1.5-inches (3.8 cm), and they weigh almost 260g (9.14 ounces). 

They can be great for gifting as well.

Asian Home Red Corundum Marble Stone Chinese Healthy Exercise Massage Baoding Balls

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7. Fencia – Chinese Health Balls

These meditation balls are made of iron, resin, and copper, and they produce a soothing and crisp chime when using, for further reducing stress.

They are beautifully designed in a shiny dark blue coating with engraved yin-yang symbols on top.

They are extremely smooth and comfy, and they glide freely in your hands.

They are 1.85-inches in diameter (4.7 cm), and they weigh around 450g in total.

Chinese Health Balls Hand Exercise Stress Relief Handball Baoding Balls Relaxation Hand Massage Hand Balls

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8. Happy Sales Chinese Health Balls

These meditation balls are a traditionally designed pair, that is made with iron, and creates a soothing chime when used.

They come in variations of red, blue, and green colours, and you can choose from designs such as yin-yang, dragon-phoenix, sun-moon, panda, and chrome (no design or colour). 

Happy Sales HSHB-SMHB01, Chinese Health Balls Baoding Iron Ball Sun & Moon, Order

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9. MDLUU Wooden Baoding Balls

These are a special version of meditation balls. They are designed with sharp corners, into uniquely shaped balls, that help to stimulate the hand acupuncture points.

They are made from natural prickly ash wood, that is sturdy and not easy to wear and tear.

They are particularly better for hand therapy, and stress relief than traditional meditation balls.

They are 1.96-inches in diameter and they weigh less than 100g together.

MDLUU Wooden Baoding Balls

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10. BCQLI Baoding Balls

These meditation balls are made from solid rosewood, and so they weigh just 250g together.

They are 2-inches in size (5 cm), and they are very smooth to touch and extremely light.

They come in exquisite packaging, which makes them suitable for gifting as well.

BCQLI 2 Inches Baoding Balls Chinese Health Exercise Stress Balls Rosewood

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Things to keep in mind while shopping for meditation balls

✔️ The Material: Although traditionally they were made with iron, rust is a problem as iron is highly susceptible to corrosion. 

Stone variants such as marble are a much better option than iron.

Marble has a nice and smooth texture and they come with intricate designs as well. The only downside to marble materials is that they could be more prone to chipping and breaking if you drop the balls too often.

If durability is your highest priority, then stainless-steel, or chromium-infused steel, is your best option. The only problem with steel is that they are slightly on the heavier side, which can be a good thing if you are looking for a more challenging pair of meditation balls.

✔️ Size: Choosing the right size is an important aspect of shopping for meditation balls. You want to get the right-sized balls that fit your hand comfortably and glide along smoothly, especially if you are just starting to use mediation balls. 

Sizes like 1.5-inches or less are suitable for smaller hands, and for those who are just starting with meditation balls. 

Sizes between 1.5-inches to 1.85-inches are intermediary level, or perfect for average hands. And sizes 2-inches or above are for expert-level skill or those with large hands.

✔️ Weight: Anything lower than 300g (both balls in total) is considered too low for inducing maximum therapeutic benefits. Such items are usually wooden meditation balls, which are meant for more sensitive or injured hands. 

✔️ Chimes: This is an important factor to consider if you are really into meditation balls. A lot of people prefer noise-less meditation balls that come without chimes. That’s why most of the products on our list come without chimes. But a lot of other people enjoy the chimes and it’s a part of their meditation process for inducing calmness and peace of mind. 

If chimes are important to you, then the items from ‘Fencia’ and ‘Happy sales’ (items 7 & 8) come with the traditional chime sounds.

Final Take On Best Meditation Balls

Meditation balls are an extremely useful and relevant accessory to have in the present world, filled with stressful and draining situations.

They can help you relax, and attain calmness and clarity in your thoughts, while improving your focus, attention, and providing a host of other therapeutic benefits to your mind and body.

If you are into mediation and mindfulness, we highly recommend you check out the meditation balls we have listed here. And if you are shopping for meditation balls, then don’t miss reading the ‘things to keep in mind while shopping for meditation balls’ section, to help you find the best pair of meditation balls for you.


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