About us

About Us

The Calming Technology Labs Society soothes the lives of people with methods like Yoga and Relaxing Techniques. We help people discover inner peace by recycling their mind and soul.

Who We Are

We are a panel of dedicated Yogis who can enrich the lives of people with calmness and peace. We refresh the minds who are afflicted with stress and anxiety.


Our primary vision is to give shade to people who are suffering from mental and withdrawal symptoms. We support them to build inner peace and strength.


Across the globe, over 74 % of people are suffering from stress related issues. Our Mission is to show them light and strength to face the future.

Our Quality

We strive for the betterment of pain and stress in people with our advanced techniques and methods. We offer Reiki Stress Management which helps clients emerge from their anxious life to a fruitful life.

The Team Overview

Let’s see the list of our Masters of Yoga and Reiki Trainers in our team.

Jinifer Scott

Is the Reiki Healer who is well renowned with his expertise in Stress Revival. He is passionate towards understanding and listening to our clients’ problems. He ensures that the problems associated with our clients are solved and subsided.

Adam Markas

Is the Yoga Trainer who is well versed in muscle relaxation techniques. He has done various sessions for Youth and Elderly. He organizes online yoga sessions for childrens and he has visited schools to teach and promote Yoga.

Jinifer Scott

Is the Yoga Trainer specialized in Breathing exercises for stress relieving. He  provides classes on Post Traumatic Stress Disorders and Sleep Apnoea.  His techniques and methods are showing signs of positivity in their lives.

Lucy Frozen

He is a Reiki specialist who has excellence in Acupuncture. He relieves the pain and stress in people with his superior techniques. He had received certification for his outstanding research and development in the field of Acupuncture and Yoga.

Adam Markas

He is the Senior Yoga Trainer with an exceptional career in Yoga Training and Development. He is knowledgeable in the field of Yoga and he spreads the word on the importance of Yoga to the world.